Snoof Oils

The benefits and virtues of essential oils have been recognized for centuries. Leading international companies use natural essential oils to improve their products. So we figured it just makes sense to create essential oil scented hair accessories!



A renowned medicinal plant used by healers for centuries.

Rosemary oil is commonly used to sharpen memory and improve concentration due to its ability of brain stimulation. By increasing the blood flow, Rosemary stimulates a clearer thought process consequently improving learning abilities. Rosemary oil nurtures the hair, helps the hair appear healthier and improves hair growth by increasing the blood flow to the scalp and oxygen to the roots of the hair. In natural cosmetics, Rosemary oil is used as a head lice repellent, disinfectant, dandruff treatment, as well as a hair grooming and renewal product.




The oil with a pungent lemony scent.

Known as an effective lice, and other insects repellent.
Citronella oil has a warming effect, in addition to its antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Citronella is Known as an effective insects’ repellant, with its pungent, citrus scent.  Citronella oil has a warming effect in addition to its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Citronella is often added to a variety of personal care and cleaning products. Sprays, lotions, sunscreen, wristbands, and flea collars often contains Citronella due to its anti fungal properties. Citronella oil is also used to help heal insect bite



Lavender oil is one of the safest oils available. It can be applied directly onto the skin. It is commonly used to treat and calm the nervous system, create a balance between thoughts and emotions, and heal skin burns, cuts and bites. Every household would benefit from having lavender oil for first aid purposes. Lavender is also used as an effective treatment for insomnia (by placing a few drops of the oil on your blanket or pillow), as well as for the treatment of damaged skin tissue; it speeds up the healing process and prevents inflammation. In cosmetics, lavender oil is used in creams, ointments for damaged and tired skin, and as acne and burns treatment. Lavender is known as an insect and lice repellent and is suitable for all skin types and sensitivities.


Tea Tree

The most widely used and studied oil in the world.

Tea tree oil can be applied to the skin directly. Tea tree oil can be used to treat various conditions including, tinea versicolor, dry and moist eczema, cuts, mosquito bites, lice, etc. Tea tree oil can also be used to treat allergy related irritations as well as scalp irritations. It is recommended to add a few drops of oil to your natural shampoo and wash without conditioner.