How does it work?

Rosemary, tea tree oil, lavender and citronella are essential oils renowned for their insects repelling properties, in particular lice. Snoof’s laboratories have developed a unique formula allowing the gradual release of pure essential oils from our gorgeously designed hair accessories, over a period of three months!

Will others be able to smell my daughter’s Snoof accessories?

Snoof’s hair products were developed and designed to allow a pleasant rather than an overwhelming odour of essential oils; furthermore, these scents are distributed evenly across the head. If you closely smell your child’s head, you will notice the oil fragrance.  It should be noted that unlike other oils in the current market, Snoof’s scents are pleasant and gentle; ensuring your daughter herself enjoys and wants to wear our accessories.

Can a long-term use of Snoof products be harmful?

Absolutely not. The amount of oil in Snoof’s accessories is sufficient to maintain head hygiene and will not cause any harm to your child. Our unique design allows the accessories to distribute the essential oils scents across the hair gradually and evenly. Those who wear Snoof’s accessories will not necessarily notice the smell. Another important fact is that Snoof oils do NOT come into contact with the scalp and hair to ensure the utmost safety.

What about the boys? Are there Snoof accessories for them too?

Snoof helps boys too… but indirectly. It turns out that there are 50% fewer cases of boys affected by head lice relative to girls, so naturally if girls are protected, the number of head lice cases among boys will simultaneously significantly drop. Additionally, we are working on creating a unisex collection of hair accessories suitable for both boys and girls.  

Are some of the smells more effective than the others?

No.  All of Snoof’s oils are equally effective in maintaining the head hygiene, so you can simply pick your favourite scent and color.

Is one rubber band enough to maintain head hygiene?

One rubber band will highly reduce the chance for future infestation.

However, for best effects use more accessories. For ultimate protection, Snoof recommends the use of two small accessories, or a large accessory with a small accessory; for instance: a ponytail holder and a hairpin; two ponytail holders; or a hair bow (hair bow distribute the scents over a wider area) with a rubber band.

I am a mother who got infected with lice from my children; does Snoof have any solution for me?

Definitely. We thought about you and also about teachers and child minders with this precise issue. Snoof’s hairclip was designed especially for you – mothers, teachers and child minders. Snoof’s hair clips are strong, durable, fabulously designed and will be available in a variety of colours.

What happens three months after opening the product?

As long as the product is sealed in its original packaging – the scents are enclosed and will not be activated. Once you open the package, Snoof’s accessory begins to spread the scent of oils. After three months, the scent will become less noticeable. As Snoof’s hair accessories are of the highest quality and extremely pretty, you will be able to continue using them as “regular” accessories. If you would like to continue maintaining head hygiene, click here to register to an automatic reminding email (link on here) or to order new Snoof accessories.

How can we maintain the longevity of Snoof’s products?

By keeping Snoof’s hair accessories in a closed box when they are not in use, you will extend the longevity of Snoof’s products.

Do Snoof oils have any other effect, besides maintaining head hygiene?

Yes. For instance, rosemary oil also improves memory and increases concentration; lavender has a calming effect on the nervous system etc. However, as Snoof’s accessories designed to spread their scents in the direction of the scalp and in-between the hair, these effects will be less noticeable.

Are Snoof’s accessories safe for children of all ages?

Yes. Snoof’s hair accessories are safe for all ages, however, to prevent choking, we recommend using Snoof’s products for children over the age of 3.

What happens if Snoof accessories get wet?

Don’t worry, your accessories will still respell lice. However, we do recommend you remove Snoof accessories before showering or swimming as water may enter the accessories and leak.

What happens if I use Snoof while having a lice infestation?

Not much… Snoof is a preventative measure, not a treatment. In order to get rid of the lice you should use lice treatment and once your head is lice free, wear Snoof accessories to prevent further infestations.

Any Other Question?