Snoof’s fashionable, scented hair accessories are such products that make you wonder how no one ever thought of it earlier.  

Not Again…

The lice epidemic simply cannot be stopped. From the moment our first child enters kindergarten, until our last child leaves schools, we face and deal with the lice epidemic. Treating head lice is an endless, tedious and dreadful chore, which neither parents nor children enjoy.


The natural way

Our ultimate priority was to make our product 100% natural and entirely safe for our children’s use.


The actual clients. Kids!

It was important for us that both parents as well as children themselves, would want to use Snoof’s hair accessories. We aspired for children to instantly fall in love with the design of Snoof’s hair accessories.  So, we developed fashionable hair accessories, ranging in colors and shapes, perfectly suitable for different style preferences and ages.


Pleasant Scents

We tested various scents combinations until we finally found the three perfect combinations containing pleasant scents with greatest efficiency, that both children and parents love.


On the GO

A further principle used to develop Snoof’s hair accessories, is the appreciation that a great, quality product is one that works for us, and one that we do not have to work for. Us parents have hectic daily agendas, adding another chore to our day would simply be impossible, especially during the morning. Snoof does not require any additional effort beyond tying our children’s hair in the morning, which we already do. So, rather than using normal hair accessories, all you have to do is use Snoof’s, which also performs the further action of maintaining hair hygiene.


Our Breakthrough

It is important to acknowledge, the beneficial virtues of essential oils have been studied, recognized and made use of for centuries. Leading international cosmetics companies are currently using essential oils to improve and enrich their products. There are hundreds of shampoos and conditioners consisting of the same essential oils we are using in Snoof’s products. Snoof’s revolutionary breakthrough is the solidification of essential oils, in a slow releasing formula, releasing scents in a stable, pleasant and efficient manner, over a period of three months.