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Options For Choosing A Wedding Dress With A Cape

If you want to buy a wedding dress that stands out a little from others that you've seen when you've attended the weddings of family members and friends, you'll have lots of options when you visit a local dress boutique. One style that you may gravitate toward is a dress that has a built-in cape. This addition provides a flowy style that has a unique look, creating visual appeal and helping to make your attire memorable. There are lots of wedding dresses with capes on the market, and here are some options that you'll be able to think about as you shop.

Cape Length

One thing to think about is how long you want the cape on your wedding dress to be. You'll likely see dresses with many different cape lengths, each of which offers its own advantages. If you're on the shorter side, you may feel that a longer cape helps to make you look taller. For someone who likes a moderate amount of flow but who doesn't want a lot of material trailing behind them, a shorter cape can be suitable. There's always the option of shortening a cape if you want a specific length that isn't available.

Cape Material

You'll also need to decide what material you want the cape to be. When a wedding dress has a cape, the cape's material can vary. You'll see capes that are in a material that matches the dress, which gives everything a cohesive look. Conversely, you'll also see capes that are in different materials than the dress, which may help to make the cape stand out more. Some people favor capes that are a sheer or lace material, which offers a flowing look without adding too much bulk.

Cape Shoulder Coverage

It's common for the cape of a wedding dress to cover your shoulders, but the amount of coverage can vary a lot between dresses. There are some dresses in which the upper part of the cape wraps around your shoulders, which offers a snug look that you may feel is appealing if you're getting married outdoors at a cool time of the year such as the spring. There are also dresses in which the cape is positioned so that it covers just a small part of your shoulders, which leaves your skin bare and offers a look that may suit you. Keep these topics in mind as you browse wedding dresses with capes.

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