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Seasonal Swaddling Strategies

Swaddling your newborn will prevent the startle reflex from waking them up while slumbering. Swaddling will also keep your baby warm while they are laying in their crib. Due to transitional seasons and the possibility of encountering vast temperature fluctuations, you may be concerned about the weight and design of the swaddling blankets that you use.

Transitional Seasons And Fabric Types

In many regions, spring and autumn are considered transitional seasons. The weather outdoors may be cold and blustery one day and hot and steamy the next. These temperature changes may make you concerned about how much coverage your newborn is supplied with. If your baby was born during the spring or autumn, you may want to invest in swaddling blankets of varying weights and thicknesses.

A soft, cotton swaddling blanket will be suitable for warm days and a thick fleece blanket will be suitable for cold days. Dress your baby for the weather, if you will be carrying them outdoors. Use a swaddling blanket that is constructed of a fabric that is suitable for the season. A blanket manufacturer may list a temperature range that a fabric type is designed for. This information will help you pinpoint which type of weather the swaddle will be convenient for.  

Unhooded And Sleeveless Styles

A baby loses body heat through its head. The temperature loss through the head will aid with regulating the body temperature of your newborn. Purchase swaddles that do not contain a hood. There may be occasions in which you would like to keep your baby's body tightly bound, but would like to leave their arms unrestricted. If your newborn is several months old, they may be interested in moving their body around somewhat.

A sleeveless swaddle will allow a baby to explore their hands and fingers. This type of swaddle will also keep the lower body warm and snug. Look for some swaddle styles that are going to be relatively simple for you to secure around your baby's body. Zippers and snaps should be secured along the foot or upper body area.

If you will be purchasing some convertible swaddle styes, look for swaddles that contain sleeves that are removable. This type of product may have zippers or snaps sewn around the entire upper arm portion of each sleeve. While your baby is comfortably reclined, you will be able to quickly unzip each sleeve, without disrupting your baby.