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Reasons To Wash Your King-Sized Bedding At A Local Laundromat

A king-sized bed provides lots of benefits — namely in the form of you and your partner having lots of space for sleeping. If you have children or pets who also occasionally enjoy sharing your bed with you, you'll appreciate the amount of space that a king-sized bed provides. While you might be happy with this size of bed most of the time, your opinion may change on laundry day. Instead of struggling to wash your king-sized bedding in your machine at home, consider taking it to a local laundromat. Here are some reasons that this can be a better option for you.

A Deeper Clean

Laundromats have large, high-quality machines available to their customers, which means that washing your king-sized bedding in this environment will almost certainly result in a deeper clean than doing the job at home. You may find that your bedding doesn't come out of your own washing machine as clean as you'd like. This can especially be true if your machine is a newer model that lacks a full-sized agitator. Because the laundry takes up so much space, it may fail to move around enough during the washing cycle and have the laundry soap work its magic. The larger capacity of commercial-sized washing machines will leave your king-sized bedding cleaner and fresher.

No Risk Of Damage To Your Machine

Another challenge of washing king-sized bedding at home is that the bulky sheets can occasionally move to one side of the washing machine tub, resulting in balance issues. When the load inside of a washing machine is out of balance, the machine will vibrate significantly — often to the point that you need to pause the cycle and resituate the load. When a washing machine frequently vibrates due to out-of-balance laundry, it may eventually get damaged. This isn't a concern that you'll have when you use a laundromat, as these machines are more robust.

More Time For Other Laundry

If you're often unimpressed with how clean your king-sized bedding is after you wash both the fitted and top sheet together in your machine at home, you might decide to wash each sheet individually to allow for a deeper clean. This strategy can work, but its drawback is that it occupies the washing machine for double the time. If you have a large family with a lot of laundry needs, everything else is on hold while you wash your king-sized bedding. When you take the bedding to a local laundromat, you'll free up your own machine for your family's clothing.

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