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Tips For Ordering Custom Polo Shirts

Custom polos are great for corporations, business uniforms, or family reunions. Polos are more formal and neat than t-shirts, but they are comfortable and versatile enough for almost any purpose. When you choose to order custom polo shirts, you can fine-tune most aspects of the design, including embellishments like custom embroidery. All of the choices can seem both exciting and daunting; here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the perfect custom polo. 


Custom polos come in a wide variety of colors, from lime green to jet black. When choosing the color for your polo, think about the tone you want to set. If the shirts are part of a corporate retreat or conference, you should probably choose a professional look with a black or grey base. If the polos will be the day-to-day uniform of your employees, choose a color that fits in with your business and sets your employees apart from the crowd. Red or yellow might be appropriate here. If you are ordering shirts for some sort of social gathering like a reunion, pick a color that most people will be comfortable in, something on the conservative side, a nice shade of navy blue or white. 


Custom polo shirts come in many different designs and fabrics. For specialized uniforms choose something a little more pricey that will still look neat and crisp after many washes. If you are only using the polos for a short span of time, like a reunion or retreat, you can choose a thinner fabric that feels smoother but might not hold up as well. Some polo shirts are long-sleeved and others are short with a thickly hemmed cuff. Some polos feature a front pocket and others are smooth. If you are adding embroidered logos, it's usually best to pick a simpler polo to keep the overall look sleek. 


When ordering custom polo shirts for a large group, it is important to purchase the right sizes. If you can, have everyone request the size that they want so you can have an accurate count. If it's not possible to ask ahead of time, order a variety of sizes so that everyone will find a polo that fits. Your shirt provider should be able to help answer any sizing questions and give you a sizing chart. 


Probably the most important part of a custom polo is the embroidered logo. A logo makes the shirt personal. Most custom shirt providers have an online design program to help you select text and images or upload your own. Make sure you make any text big enough to read.

For more information, reach out to a custom polo shirt supplier.