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Rasta Hoodie Designs for 2020

If you love rasta traditions, why not show your love through your clothing? With a rasta zip-up hoodie, you can wear your love for rasta on your sleeves, and you might even meet likeminded people on the street. Not all rasta hoodies are the same, so you can choose one that suits your style. No matter the style you choose, all rasta hoodies have elements of the Ethiopian flag in green, yellow, and red stripes. Here are a few of the top rasta zip-up hoodie designs in 2020.

Mixed Vertical and Horizontal Stripes

The more traditional rasta hoodies include a mix of vertical and horizontal stripes in vivid shades of red, yellow, green, and black. These hoodies typically have vertical stripes on the front and back and horizontal stripes on the sleeves and pockets. The overall effect is a mesmerizing and bold striped hoodie that showcases the best designs of rasta clothing. Choosing a traditional rasta hoodie with an added zipper allows you to embrace rasta fashion while staying cooler than you could in a pullover hoodie.

Abstract Green, Yellow, and Red Stripes 

For a more modern tribute to rasta style, choose a black hoodie with a bold abstract design using green, yellow, and red stripes. These striped designs often spread over one sleeve of the hoodie and one side of the front and back of the hoodie. If your style includes modern streetwear fashion pieces, this style of rasta hoodie is a good fit for you. Wear it fully or partially zipped to subtly alter the design.

Hints of Green, Yellow, and Red 

For a more subtle nod to rasta style, you could choose a hoodie that is almost entirely black. These rasta hoodies have subtle hints of green, yellow, and red stripes on the cuffs and pocket edges. You don't have to be bold to showcase something you believe in, and wearing a subtle hoodie is a great way to represent something you love without calling too much attention to yourself. You can blend into the crowd while attracting attention only from likeminded people. 

Colored Hoods

For a truly bold look that makes full use of the hoodie, choose a rasta zip-up hoodie with a design that extends to the hood. Rather than printing a simple design on a black hoodie, designers sometimes use colored fabric sewn in stripes to make a bold hoodie with a green hood, yellow shoulders, and a red stripe across the middle. These hoodies are bold, modern, and well-designed. 

To learn more about your fashion options, buy Rasta zip-up hoodies through clothing manufacturers in your area.