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Seven Ways To Spread Kindness Today

Imagine the world if everyone was a bit kinder; are you spreading kindness to others? Go ahead and share the universal message of kindness; it may be the trigger that others need to do kind things in their own lives.

Seven ways to spread some kindness today are:

1. Convey a message with your clothing. Show off a mission to kindness with some apparel that demonstrates a mission toward kindness to others. These garments, like tees and hoodies, are perfect gifts to share and further extend the message by gently reminding others to be kind. Find kindness apparel that matches your style.

2. Recycle your waste. Another way to be kinder to those around you is to recycle your waste; the benefits of recycling impact everyone. Some of these benefits are:

These perks of recycling your waste affect each citizen, as well as the world that is left for future generations. Be kind; recycle.

3. Share positive affirmations. Start looking for and reading a daily affirmation. Be kind, and send it along to someone else that may need it today.

4. Create a calendar. Have you heard of the kindness advent calendar? This exercise toward kindness was initiated by a vlogger, and it has become a social trend that aims to further spread kindness via the internet.

5. Pay it forward in some way. Pay it forward by buying a coffee or lunch for a neighbor, coworker, friend, or total stranger. This is so simple yet so powerful in spreading kindness and potentially changing someone else's day for the better.

6. Write a personal note. Take the time to write a letter or note to someone special. Skip the emails, and mail this note or hand-deliver it to show them that you were thinking of them today.

7. Take care of the environment. Conserve water, energy, and anything else to be kinder to the environment. Turn the water off when you brush your teeth, or turn back the thermostat; every little bit of effort helps! Show kindness toward the environment by making the most of these important resources that often get taken for granted and wasted widely.

Start the ripple-effects of kindness with these seven suggestions. Remember that it only takes one person to start a chain reaction that may extend acts of kindness far and wide.