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Are You Planning A Teen Retreat For Your Church?

Are you one of those gifted people who gets along with teenagers so well that you seem to be a magnet to them? If so, maybe you are one of the elders who works with the youth at your church. If you are, working with the kids is probably as much fun for you as it is for them, isn't it? Are you planning an upcoming retreat for the teenagers at your church? If you have everything planned out already, you don't need to read a another word. Otherwise, from selecting a theme for your teen retreat to buying motivational apparel, here are some ideas that might help you to plan an enjoyable and memorable event.

Select A Theme - Along with other adults, do you have teenagers who are helping to plan the retreat? If so, consider having a brain storming session where you select a theme for your retreat together. For example, maybe you'll suggest that the retreat be focused on growing individually in order to serve better. When you express that, one of the kids might suggest something like Soaring Together To Make A Better World. 

Maybe you have been concerned about a lack of spirituality in today's youth. If that's the case, after you express that you hope that the kids will be touched in spiritual ways, somebody might suggest the theme, Walk In Christ's Footsteps. Somebody else might suggest â€‹Remember Too Stay On the Right Path. 

Motivational Apparel - After you've selected a theme for your retreat, the next thing you need is custom motivational apparel, such as from Algastena. The great thing about doing that is that things like motivational T-shirts are very affordable. Also, the shirts can be designed in a way that they'll be well received by both the girls and the guys in your group. Do you have a pretty good artist in your group? If so, that individual might be able to draw the design. If not, the workers at the store where you order your motivational apparel will probably have portfolios of pictures you could select.

For example, if you went with the theme about soaring together for a better world, you might select a depiction of the world globe with wings attached to it. If you went with the one about following Christ's footsteps, simple footsteps could be the focus of the T-shirt design. Or, if you went with the reminder to stay on the right path, the T-shirt could feature a straight path. Whichever words you have selected for your theme could go on any of the apparel you choose.