Building Your Wardrobe

Ordering Embroidered Work Shirts For Your Employees

Providing work shirts to your employees can be a basic aspect of overseeing your enterprise. Having these shirts customized with embroidery can help to give your workers a professional appearance that best represents your business.

Consider Whether You Need Patches Or The Actual Shirt Embroidered

Business owners often assume that they will need to have the shirt itself embroidered. However, this is not always necessary. It is often possible to arrange for embroidered patches to be made that can be applied to almost any shirt. In addition to being the more affordable option, patches can have a quicker turn around time compared to shirt embroidery, which can be useful for businesses that are needing to quickly supply their workers with work shirts.

Ensure Your Workers Are Aware Of The Steps For Caring For Embroidered Shirts

Providing employees with work shirts can be a major expense for businesses, and it will be beneficial to make sure that employees are properly caring for these garments to avoid the need to replace them prematurely. In particular, employees should be informed about the need to wash the embroidered garments in cold water on gentle settings to avoid loosening the threading. Additionally, turning the garment inside out can protect the embroidery while still allowing the shirt to get effectively cleaned. Providing workers with a small writeup that details how they should care for their shirts can help to greatly extend the life of these work clothes.

Make Sure To Keep Spare Shirts And Patches Available

Eventually, the work garments for your employees will simply suffer too much wear and tear for them to continue to be used. When this occurs, you will need to be able to provide your worker with a replacement shirt as quickly as possible. If a business fails to keep spare shirts available, it may be some time before they are able to have replacement embroidered shirts delivered. When ordering work shirts or patches, keeping at least several available in various sizes so that you can quickly provide workers with replacement shirts when they becomes too worn to be used.

Providing your employees with custom embroidered shirts can be an excellent way of ensuring that everyone has a professional look. Considering whether embroidered patches will be an effective option, providing workers with effective care guides for these shirts, and keeping spares available will help your business with addressing this core requirement of having a professional-looking workforce.

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