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Key Differences Between Horizontal And Vertical Messenger Bags And Why It May Matter To You

There are two distinct styles of messenger bags. There is the one you are probably most familiar with that is rectangular in shape but longer in length than height. This is sometimes known as a horizontal messenger bag. Then there is the other style of messenger bag, which is referred to as a vertical messenger bag. The vertical messenger bag is also a rectangle, except that it is oriented ninety degrees up so that the longer sides of the bag are vertical and not horizontal. Here are some other key differences between these two styles of messenger bags and why it may matter to you. 

The Horizontal Bag Has More Carrying Room and Storage Pockets

Messenger bags are so named for their original use, as courier or messenger bags to carry packages, letters, and envelopes while the courier/messenger rides a bike, a scooter, a moped, or goes on foot to make the deliveries. For that reason, the original horizontal style often has more room and more pockets for carrying items that a messenger would most likely to carry and deliver. The vertical messenger bag may also have pockets, but if an item cannot be inserted to fit and carry in a pocket that is longer/taller than it is wide, you may not be able to carry anything that will not fit. 

The Vertical Bag Is Easier to Stow on an Airplane

A vertical messenger bag, because of its narrower and longer/taller style, is often easier to stow on a plane. It fits better in overhead storage and fits perfectly underneath your seat if overhead storage is full. It is much more difficult to store a horizontal messenger bag when there is no more overhead storage room and the storage under your seat will not accommodate the bag's dimensions. 

Both Bags Allow You to Carry a Phone and a Tablet and Personal Items, But You Can Only Carry a Laptop in the Horizontal Style

If you take a look at a vertical messenger leather bag, you will immediately see that it would probably be improbable to store a laptop in it because of its orientation. You can still stow personal items, a phone, a wallet, and a tablet computer, etc., in the vertical bag, but if you expect to take a laptop with you, you will need the horizontal bag instead. Vertical bags also tend to be much more stylish, like a purse. 

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