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3 Useful Tips When Using T-Shirts To Promote Your Company's Products

If you have a company that sells a particular product, marketing it is so important. One way you can do this is to hand out free promotional T-shirts. These enable you to build a huge following in a cost-effective manner. To ensure your shirts work out for these promotional purposes, keep these tips in mind. 

Stay Simple With Design

It's natural to start thinking bold as far as this T-shirt's design. However, sometimes companies can go a little overboard with their T-shirts and this ultimately confuses their target audience. Instead, it may be better to stay simple with the design. It may be one graphic or simple lettering in the front. 

The simplicity will be easier for people to understand, which will make these shirts more effective from a marketing standpoint. That being said, you don't want to go too simple to where no one wants to wear these promotional shirts. You have to find a happy medium. 

Assess T-Shirt Types

One of the more impactful decisions you'll need to make when designing this promotional apparel is selecting a shirt type. There are many solid choices today, including V-necks, long-sleeve, premium tees, and unisex shirts.

V-necks are probably best if you're targeting a younger demographic. Long-sleeve shirts obviously would be best if this promotion is running during the colder months. Unisex shirts are great if you don't want to differentiate your promotional shirts. Finally, premium tees are great if you can afford them as their materials typically will last a long time. 

Select aColor Scheme

The color scheme of your promotional shirts is so important to get down perfectly. It could even be the difference in people wearing your shirts and leaving them in the closet.

There are many ways you can approach the color scheme. You could use contrasting colors that really stick out. Bright colors like blue and green really catch the eye. Thus, people would easily notice these promotional shirts out in public and start wondering about the products your company sells.

If your company already has a color scheme, then you could use the same one with your promotional shirts. This would help establish brand identify, which is so important no matter what products your company sells.

Promotional T-shirts are a great way to spread the word about your company's products. With planning and understanding of what your audience wants, these shirts will prove effective at helping you grow your business. 

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