Building Your Wardrobe

Are You Planning What You'll Wear For Your Wedding Dress?

If you are planning a wedding, that more than likely means that your childhood dreams are finally coming true. Were you one of those little girls who would pretend to be a bride while wearing something like a scarf or even a pillowcase on your head? Maybe you pretended that your dolls were getting married. No matter the scenario, you must be very excited to be marrying your sweetheart. 

Do you already have a wedding dress? If you do not, from selecting the perfect one for you to arranging for wedding dress alterations, here are some ideas that might help you.

Select The Dress - Are you lucky enough to be wearing your mother's wedding dress? Perhaps that same dress was even worn by her mother. If that's the case, it must be an amazing feeling to be getting married in a family keepsake. Alternatively, when your sister selected her wedding dress, maybe you went with her because you knew you would wear the same dress. 

On the other hand, you might be looking for a wedding dress that has not been worn by other brides in your family. Perhaps you have found the perfect dress in a store that carries vintage wedding dresses. Maybe you are planning to go to a regular bridal store where you pantry on numerous dresses to see which one looks the best on you. If you do that, think of taking somebody with you. Whether it's your mother, your sister, or anybody else, ask them to be very frank about which dress looks best on you. 

Wedding Dress Alterations - Whether you are wearing a dress that another family bride wore, or whether you are wearing a wedding dress that you bought in a store, don't be too worried if it doesn't fit you exactly as it should. A person who is accomplished at sewing will have the skills to make changes that need to be made in order for the dress to fit you properly.

If all the dress needs is hemming, that's not a big deal. However, you might want greater alterations made. For example, maybe the dress is sleeveless and you would rather have cap sleeves. Or, maybe you'll be getting married in the winter and you want long sleeves. An accomplished seamstress or a tailor will more than willing to match the fabric and create new sleeves for your dress. Look for wedding dress alteration services near you.