Building Your Wardrobe

3 Mens Staple Clothing Items For Fall

If you are a man who isn't exactly into fashion, then you may not know the first thing about creating a fall wardrobe. Luckily, it doesn't have to be that difficult. In fact, as long as you have a rotation of a few of these different items, you should have plenty of options to choose from to wear every day. To learn some more about what clothing items to wear, read on. 

Men's Flannel Shirts

One of the first things that you should get is a double pocket flannel shirt to wear. The great thing about flannel shirts is that you can dress them up a little bit or dress them down depending on the occasion. For instance, if you are just going out on a Saturday with friends and family, then you can wear a white t-shirt underneath an open flannel shirt for a more casual look. If, however, you are going to dress up, then you can button the shirt up and tuck it into your khakis. 

Denim Pants

Another thing that you should get is some denim pants. Both traditional denim jeans are a great staple to have as well as colored denim. One trend to consider getting though is tapered pants that are slim fit; that way, they fit your body a little bit better and look more tailored. And, if you get denim in a variety of colors like blue denim, grey denim, and hunter green, you can alternate colors every day so that you don't look like you are always wearing the same thing.

Chukka Boots

To tie your whole look together, invest in a pair of chukka boots. Whether you get all brown leather chukka boots or you choose something that is made out of suede, they will make your outfit look a lot more presentable and stylish. Another great thing about chukka boots is that they can look both dressy or casual, which means that they are a pretty versatile item for you to keep in your closet. 

As a man, you may think taht you have to have a stylist in order to look as presentable and fashionable as possible, but that' snot the case. In fact, as long as you have a few double pocket men's flannel shirts, a few pairs of nice slim fit jeans, and a pair of chukka boots, you should be good to go, and it won't require that much effort on your end.