Building Your Wardrobe

Are You Shopping For Clothes For A Cruise Vacation?

Have you ever been on a cruise before? If so, you already know that your stateroom won't have a huge space for storage. If this is your first cruise, maybe you're wondering just which clothes to take. If that's the case, from buying a blue chiffon dress to buying a few basic wardrobe items, here are some ideas that might help you.

A Blue Chiffon Dress – You probably received a list of things you should take on your cruise. Like most cruises, you'll probably have at least one evening where you are invited to dress up for an elegant meal. Considering buying a blue chiffon dress for the times when you'll be wanting to look extra nice. If you buy a blue chiffon dress, you can give it different looks and wear it for other events, too.

For example, for the evening when you are dressing in a more elegant manner, choose crystal chandelier earrings, silver high heels, and a silver evening bag to go with the blue chiffon dress. Maybe there will be an afternoon tea-and-crumpets event. Your blue chiffon dress with a pearl necklace and pearl earrings will be totally appropriate for that event. 

If this interests you, check out clothing retailers like Kaigne for a blue chiffon dress you can purchase.

Other Wardrobe Items – Keeping in mind that you have limited space, think of bringing a pair of capris or slacks in a neutral color, like black, white, or khaki. You can give the capris or the slacks a totally different look by your choice of tops. For example, if you are going to a port town, wear the capris or slacks with a casual T-shirt. When you return to the ship and you want to wear something different for dinner, switch the T-shirt for a tunic or a peasant blouse.

Think of buying a reversible wraparound skirt, too. Perhaps one side will be a solid color that can be worn with print tops. Then the reverse side might be patterned in something like a paisley print. For the times you wear the skirt with the patterned side showing, consider wearing it with a solid top. For instance, if one of the colors in the paisley design is magenta, look for a magenta tank top or a magenta blouse. 

You might want sophisticated high heels for the evening when you'll attend the elegant dinner. Comfortable ballet flats and sandals will be great choices, too. And don't forget to bring flip-flops to go with your favorite swimsuit.