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3 Cool Things To Do With Vintage Band T-Shirts

When you finally score tickets to that concert you have been dreaming about, you probably want to memorialize the occasion by investing in a band t-shirt. While that shirt might be the talk of the town for a few years, many people wonder what to do with those old tees as the years move forward. Here are three cool things you can do with vintage band t-shirts.

1. Wear Them Under A Blazer

While your favorite band tee might not look professional when worn on its own, it could lend a young spark to your wardrobe when worn under a sharp blazer or sport coat. Think about which colors you tend to wear to work, and consider wearing one of your old band tees underneath your favorite coat. In addition to giving your coworkers a glimpse into your personality, wearing a band tee underneath your professional attire gives you the chance to alter your look or cool down if you meet new clients who are more relaxed or if the day gets hot.

2. Frame Them for Decoration

Another great way to honor your rock and roll past is by taking clean vintage band shirts and having them professionally framed. Framed shirts add great color and graphics to places like offices and recreation areas in homes while making it easy to take a walk down memory lane. If you frame your band shirts, make sure the cloth isn't damaged during the process in case you decide to wear or sell the shirt in the future.

If you have multiple shirts, consider hanging framed shirts in lines based on the musical genre. For instance, you could group together all of your punk shirts, rock shirts, and country music attire to make it easier for visitors to appreciate your collection.

3. Create A Band Quilt

If you know that you won't be wearing your band gear and you don't have space for large framed shirts, think about creating a band quilt. Although this idea requires having the shirt cut into a quilting square, band shirt quilts are an excellent way to cuddle up under a soft blanket with your loved ones while reminiscing about the memories you shared.

You never know, you might find your vintage band shirts so useful that you start shopping for more. If you are in the market for vintage band t-shirts, comb your area for places that sell authentic versions. Look for bands you love and colors you wear, and don't be shy about showing off your new threads.