Building Your Wardrobe

Are You Making Your Kid's Summer Clothes?

As soon as the weather got warmer did your kids pull out last summer's clothes? While it didn't seem to matter to them, their growth since last summer made all the clothes too small for them. Maybe you've decided that you want to sew for your kids, making them their entire summer wardrobe. If you're gifted at sewing,  you probably already know which patterns to use.

If you are new at sewing, maybe with a brand new sewing machine, you'll more than likely be looking for easy-to-make patterns. From selecting hologram spandex fabric to choosing the patterns, here are some ideas that might help you.

Hologram Spandex Fabric - As you shop for the materials for your kid's new summer clothes, maybe you have already included hologram spandex fabric on your list. Perhaps you have heard that it is a dream to sew with. Or, you might have seen pictures of clothes made from the shimmery and futuristic appearing hologram spandex fabric and that inspired you to try it out to delight your children. If that's the case, be prepared to fall in love with a new sewing experience.

Think of selecting hologram spandex fabric for things like T-shirts and shorts. Choose solids and patterned fabrics to add interest to your kid's play clothes. For example, perhaps you chose navy blue  hologram fabric for the shorts. In that case, think of selecting a fun patterned fabric for the T-shirts. 

​Choose The Patterns - As you shop for patterns, consider how you'll match them to the fabrics you select. For example, if you are making dresses for things like summer parties and Sunday church attendance, consider buying spandex fabric in summer pastels. For something super elegant, consider buying black hologram fabric for a dressy outfit. Give the black fabric a summer look by adding a colorful cummerbund . Think of selecting a pretty short-sleeve jacket pattern out of a contrasting fabric.

If you're an experienced sewer, you'll probably already be thinking about how you can adapt the patterns you select. If you are new at this craft, put your creative mind to work. For example, the pattern you selected for an elegant dress made out of black fabric can easily be turned into a casual dress, just by selecting a different fabric. A pattern for a T-shirt can also be turned into a dress, just by adding length to the bottom.