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Are You Shopping For A Birthday Gift For Your Husband?

If your husband has a birthday coming up, do you already have all of your planning done? If not, here are some ideas that might help you.

Custom Dri-Fit Clothing - Your husband might have a closet full of shirts, but he might not have custom dri-fit apparel. Maybe you were with friends and they told you about how much their husbands liked their dri-fit shirts because they had moisture-wicking as part of the creation of the shirts. You might have asked something like, "What in the world is moisture-wicking?" That's probably when you learned that moisture-wicking fabric helps to keep a body cool. The other advantage is that it dries super fast.

Dri-fit apparel also comes in many styles, which means you can give your husband several items. For example, buy a custom dri-fit polo shirt for days when he wants to be semi-dressed up. Purchase custom T-shirts for casual days. You can even design your own dri-fit T-shirts. For example, humorous words like, "I may be old, but I'm super smart!" or "Respect me - I'm Old and wise!" are just two examples of humorous custom dri-fit T-shirts. Or, you could just select solid dri-fit T-shirts in your husband's favorite colors. 

Think of buying your husband a new pair or slacks to go with the dri-fit polo shirt. Does he need a new pair of jeans? That would be a good accompaniment for his custom dri-fit T-shirts.

A Special Event - As you plan the activity for your husband's birthday, consider what he would love to do most. For example, would he like to invite other couples for a barbecue prepared right in your outdoor kitchen? If you have kids still living at home, would he like for the entire family to go on a picnic together? If it's just the two of you, would he enjoy dinner at his favorite restaurant? 

Consider doing a combination of birthday events. For example, maybe you'll do the family picnic during the day and then have friends over in the evening. If just the two of you go out to dinner, think of going out early. By doing so, you'll still be able to come home to watch a movie right in your own family room. 

No matter what you do, and no matter what kind of present you give your husband for his birthday, don't forget a card that expresses your love and gratitude for him.